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Master Class: Do some lines. Make a scene. Leave some cash.

"If Herzog directed Apocalypse Now on the set of Laverne and Shirley, it might look something like Master Class." ~ Richard Linklater (Writer/Director - Boyhood, Dazed and Confused)

"... a comic nightmare so inappropriate and deranged that I'm fairly certain it's all true." ~ Andrew Bujalski (Writer/Director - Results, Computer Chess)

“An unhinged maniac puts on an acting clinic in a karate dojo. You won’t believe what happens next.” ~ Charlie Fonville (Producer - Call Me Lucky, Thrilling Adventure Hour Live)

Carson blows the big presentation and reluctantly follows Mickey to a defunct karate dojo for his first class at the "Tom Perkins Acting Intensive."
Tom schools the class on regional accents by having them stage his Faulknerian Southern Gothic play, "Cry Heav'n's Mercy, Night's Harlot!"
The class is just trying to learn how to make a few minutes of onscreen time really pop, when they get an unexpected visit in the practice space.
Tom hands off teaching duties to comedy guru Lynn Smiley (guest star Chris Doubek) who immediately clashes with the class.
The Class learns the most important thing an actor can do, but Carson refuses to join in the waterworks. Luckily for him, the class is derailed by the strip-mall handyman, Cord.
Frank Mosley guest stars as "Indie Sensation Frank Mosley." His specialty: teaching sex scenes. Tom cannot participate, though, due to pending legal matters.
Tom tries to hide that he's lost the dojo for good, so he throws the class into prepping Kim for a big audition. Their temporary home: a pre-school classroom.
The class begins to mutiny, so Tom pulls out all the stops: a full-scale "production" of his Southern Gothic play. The venue: a redneck barbecue at Cord's house. (NSFW)
The audience is restless. The neighbors are pissed. As Tom exhorts all students to stay in character no matter what, the class begins to unravel. (NSFW)
The whole class has quit and scattered. Carson suddenly realizes after a show of courage at work that he's grown some brass ones... all due to the Master Class. Can he talk his way back into Tom's good graces and bring them all back together?